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Monday, October 23, 2006

The resurch project will attempt to firstly define the genre of 8 bit music, then explore the subculture of the artists and fans associated with the genre and the relationships between them. it will also attempt to discover the origins and influences of the genre adn any legal issues that may present themselfs due to the unique way this music is created. by doing this, the resurch aims to assertain the current place of 8 bit music in the music industry, weather or not it is a commercially viable genre, and evaluate the genre's potential for growth in the future and how this might be achived.

Discuss the theroys associatied with genera, sub genera and sociology with reference to 8Bit/chiptune music with the view to establishing a viable marketting stratergie.

A report of 8bit/chiptune music including the definition of the gener, the structure of the genre, a study into the

malcom mclaren is involved:
apparently in florence:,11710,1175408,00.html

so i thought it might be interesting to e-mail him:

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