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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

what, exactly, is this disertation?

i wanna find out about the possibility of marketting chiptune music as a genre.

i want to look atthe sceen as it is now, i.e. the relese of 8bp50 and the releses on Rebel Pet Set (includeing brickabrack records.

i want to apply frith's ideas about conventions in order to define the genre.

i want to examine the legality of bastadising gameboys and the like for thier sound chips with regard to interlectual property.

i want to look at the therioes devised with other subcultures in mind and apply them to ciptune.

i want to invistigate the musicological aspect of the genre i eventlally (hopefully) define.

i want to essentially write a report detailing exactly what needs to be done to relese a sucessfull chiptune/8bit record.

or do i?

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