notes on the progress of my third year dissertation (towards BA (hons) Music Industry Management and Studio Production) comprising links to research, extracts of essays and thoughts on the research for this project. This blog essentially ties together the dissertation's presence on the internet.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

the disertation is 10,000 (approx) words long. According to the handbook thing that should be roughly the following amount of words per section:

Intro = 1,000
why look at genre? to define chiptune & and 8bit. [500]

why look at 8bit? emerging new genre to test genre theory, try to determine the commercial viability of an emerging new genre. [500]

Lit Review = 3,000

genre [750]

creation of genre, [750]

factors affecting genre, [750]

marketing sub genre? [750]

Methods = 1,000

base this on lit review research.

Results = 2,000 (data dependant)

base this on methods (obviously)

Discussion = 4,000

relate results to each section of lit review [2000]
relate results to real world [2000]

Conclusion = 1,000

determine how existing genre theory applies to 8 bit music and assess the commercial viability of the genre.

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