notes on the progress of my third year dissertation (towards BA (hons) Music Industry Management and Studio Production) comprising links to research, extracts of essays and thoughts on the research for this project. This blog essentially ties together the dissertation's presence on the internet.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

8bit Survey Follow-Up Questions

1/. Name and age?

2/. How many recordings of 8bit do you think you have and on what format do you predominantly have them?

3/. Do you ever purchase 8bit, and if so on what format?

4/. What are your opinions of using modern production technology when recording, mixing and mastering an 8bit record?

5/. How many 8bit fans do you know personally and on-line?

6/. How do you find out about and discuss 8bit music?

7/. Who are your favourite 8bit artists?


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